Mostech Softwares offers Press release for the business, brands or products. Such press releases can be distributed among various platforms like Google News,Yahoo News and allmajor publications. Electronic press release is a multifaceted process that brings major benefits in marketing the brands. We disseminate the press release to the place which provides a best result in return. We focus completely on brand clarity and implement multimedia communications.  Our ePR circulated by subscription services which always accomplish higher ranking in Google search engines. Mostech Software’s is highly efficient in recognizing who inside an organisation is best suited to aid in managing the brand awareness internally and publically.

We have an well-known reputations for developing, designing and implementing and distributing an effective Press release which enhance corporate partnership and brand awareness while restoring amazing media and demographic buzz.

ePR provides SEO value

In SEO prospective, links from high quality website are very important for increasing the traffic and ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. The company gets major benefits from a PR companies. Electronic press release itself has a quality links back to the company official website.

Benefits of Electronic Press Release (ePR)

  • It is fairly inexpensive
  • It will boost yourarticle visibility
  • It can outreach to the far and wide
  • Achieve more customers
  • Improve rankings on search engines
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased visibility and trust