3 secrets to a great web design project


Web designing is one of the processes in which many skills and disciplines requires in the maintenance and production of websites. There are number of things web design requires which includes interface design, graphic design, authoring including standardized code and proprietary software; search engine optimization and user experience design.

A great web design project is always necessary to get the enough traffic for the website. It is always important to have the best idea to have the perfect website designing in order to get good rank on the search engines. Here the three top secret of a great website design are listed below:

  • Communication: The base of any great website designing project is communication. A website designing project is nothing without communication. Communication should always be open and often from the start and till the end of the project.

Most of the clients have an idea about the project that they want but it is difficult for non-creative types of clients to convey what they are wanting. This causes the entire project to get off on the wrong foot. The solution of this is to utilize a creative brief. As a web designer one of these can be put together to give clients at the beginning of the project to help guide them through the creative process. There are number of different ways to accomplish this. Free survey service like Survey Monkey might be used. It is always important to create the questions that are important to the clients. It is important because it speaks in terms the client can understand.  It also shows what type of goals client’s have and what they are expecting to have. Sending the client something like this will help them at the beginning of a project and can bring their attention to important concepts that they might not have earlier. So it is clear that why communication is important in web designing project.

  • Have a plan: Having a plan is always a good idea; this means the client and designer have a clear understanding of the steps that will take to reach the final goal. What are the different phases of the project? Whose responsibility is to provide content? Images? When will the wire-frame be delivered?

All these things can cause serious blunder if the designer don’t have idea that how to address them. This is the reason why setting each step of the process and setting firm timelines ensures not only that the project stays on track, but that there are no surprises that pop- up to throw a wrench in your plan. The great way to accomplish this is to deliver a design brief to the client.

  • Content is King: Content is considered as the king of SEO. Without best quality content all the initial great ideas are worthless. Content is one of the most important things in web designing project. People always want to have some information on the internet this is why content should always be informative and according to the need of the people. All aspect of your content must focus on solving for the customers. Content plays great role in increasing a website’s traffic because once people like the article, no doubt it will enhance the number of readers.

These three are the key things in web designing project.