7 Useful Web Development Blogs


Web development is one of the process by which a website is developed by some kind of methods and the person who does this job called web developer. There are many web developers who share their own experience through blogs. Here is the list of 7 most useful web development blogs which will surely help to understand about web developing methods.

1. WebResourcesDepot: WebResourcesDepot is one of the best web development blog that offers new posts every day. Developers will surely get help from the blog of this site to help developing their own website.

2. Six Revisions: This site is very helpful for web developers. Here articles are post on regular basis on every 2-5 days. The articles will undoubtedly help web designers and website developers as well.

3. Smashing Magazine: Smashing magazine is also one of the famous and well known sites for prodding content about web development. Everyday new articles are posted here about CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

4. DailyJs: dailyJs is also considered as best site for providing best blogs about JavaScript frameworks. The site posts best articles, tips and resources about JavaScript frameworks and nodules.

5. Coding Horror: Coding Horror is a best website that provides information about web and software development. Developers will get huge amount of tips and ideas from this fabulous site’s blog.

6. Paul Irish: Paul Irish is a well known name of the web developing field, his useful tips and information from his blogs will definitely help other developers to get valuable information.

7. Alex Sexton: Alex Sexton is a well reputed name of JavaScript. He shares his personal experience and valuable knowledge about JavaScript to web developers through his blogs. His blogs should be followed to get valuable information.