Bing Add up New Tool – Improved Content to Mapping Upgrade


Microsoft had already announced that the neat version of Bing Maps will offer many new features which will include enhanced contents and multiple design enhancements. The next version of Bing Maps will be visible to the users by opting into Bing Maps Preview. This new tool emphasis on the exploration and thorough context rather than isolated lookups which is presently used dominantly in case of maps.

In the new Bing Maps, one can create films of results around a particular point, as mentioned out in the screenshot immediately above. The users can move backside and forward freely between these tabs of results. Clicking on an individual map listing brings up a profile with associated content and functionality in the left panel. A right click on a map listing provides the additional option to see street-level metaphors, which can then be zoomed when desired. This is usually simpler dragging Pegman to a particular point in case of Google Maps.

The introduction of Bing Maps will prove to be a very effective and it is acquainted toward planning and multi-step task completion, which is one of the primary and creative principles. It will be especially useful for people who are doing travel and vacation planning but less valuable for people just seeking business listings data or directions. This enhanced tool from Bing will surely stand as a good competition before Goggle Maps.