How to find the best pieces of content in your industry


Web marketing owners are always ready to perform the research to determine the most successful contents about a specific topic. There are numbers of tools available which can help undoubtedly. Here it is going to be discussed about the metrics which will be wanted to use and about tools that will help to find the best pieces of contents in your industry.

Here it is being discussed about the two types of metrics that can be used to determine the success of any piece of content:

  • Buzz metrics: It is a type of technology which scans through all social networks, blogs, forums, new sites, classified and retailers to collect all discussions into a database. It is easiest to find, it is a social sharing metrics of a piece of content.
  • Impact metrics: These metrics are bit difficult to find but it tells how well the quality of content is performing beyond social shares.

Here is the close look of both of the metrics and it will be found which ones are the most important when researching content.

Buzz Metrics
In Buzz metrics the number of likes and shares are included on the top of social networks which include twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn. BuzzSumo is the tool which will help finding these metrics easily.
People who have interest in social visibility, finding the content in their own industry that gets the most social shares may be the only thing they need. BuzzSumo let people search by topic, domain and author in finding top content that is based on social shares.
View Backlinks button can also be clicked to find backlinks from other blog posts to a particular piece of content and view share button can also be clicked to see the people who have shared a particular piece of content on Social networking site twitter.

Impact Metrics
Impact metrics are not like Buzz metrics and it is bit harder to manipulate because they combine several metrics beyond social shares. Impactana is one of the tool which will help to go beyond social media metrics and into ones which will surely help to determine how successful the piece of content is.
Here is the list of some metrics which can be found using this fabulous tool which are very important to Content Marketing research.

Backlinks is on first on the list of impact metrics. Backlinks can be bought very easily as social shares are bought but many people don’t buy backlinks for a piece of content as they would for a website home or product page.
The backlinks are not good metric for impact content only when people look at domains that host content.

Views metric is the great indicator of content popularity and true impact. This metric is used to determine about the piece of content that whether it is getting traffic from social shares or or other referral sources.
Sometimes this metric is not consider to be good for content impact when looking at content types such as YouTube videos because view are counted on the page itself.

Discussion on blogs and other types of content can’t be said valuable metric, they are an additional representation of contents that receive traffic. People usually visit to a piece of content to leave a comment on it. Comment on the content shows people have visited on the site at least once.