How to get a personalized Assessment of your website


There is a tool Website Grader, which was launched in year 2007.The tool is very much capable to assess a website using modern ranking criteria. It is a free online tool which allows to receive a free personalised report that grade the sites against key metrics including performance, mobile readiness, SEO and security.

Difference between Website Grader and Marketing Grader: There are lot of difference between website grader and marketing grader. Website grader is not the same thing as marketing grader. Marketing grader assess a website in terms of marketing activities such as landing pages, blogs and social media as well while website grader has been built to focus on the core areas that impact a site’s ability to rise on the top of search engine’s ranking.

How website grader tool works: It is just needed to enter the url of the website and email address, after few seconds website grader automatically generate a personalized score between 1 to 100. Report details of the website’s performance against each criteria is received. The criteria which are shown are given below:

  • Performance of the website: Optimizing the performance of the website is very important in increasing the traffic and for website development, improving conversion rate and generating more leads and revenue. It assesses the size of the page, page speed, page requests and more.
  • Mobile Readiness: Traffic from mobile devices is very important than ever before. It is always necessary to optimize the website to ensure not missing the valuable traffic lead and revenue.
  • Search engine optimization: Your site has to be easy to discover. It will be assessed whether the website is easy for users to find and easy for search bots to understand by grading page titles Meta descriptions and more.
  • Security: Using SSL certificate protects the website from attacks and provides the visitors with the confidence that the site is authentic which means they might feel safer while entering the contact details. If it is there the site will surely get higher grading.

At the bottom of the report, some recommendations on the issues that should be tackled to improve the performance of the website and website grader score.

What is next after getting the grade of the Website?

If the score of the website is below 90, it’s okay because there is still chance for improvement. It is needed to share the result with colleagues and work together to implement necessary improvements. With the help of website grader, personalised report can be easily emailed to the others. It is needed to click on the share icon on the top right navigation and to enter the email address of the intended recipient.

If the score is above 90, it’s great that means the site is pretty amazing so let the world know about it. Report can be shared quickly and easily with colleagues and friends. It is just needed to click on the relevant icon to share the report via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.