Links Still Work for SEO


Inbound links plays a very vital role and is also a major component of Google search algorithm. All those who have been in the industry for long period knows the importance of inbound links. The rumours of embellishment of links have been proven to be all false as the importance of links in SEO cannot be ignored. To those of us who have been in the industry for long enough and have enough clients through which to see results, we’ve known all along that inbound links are still an important component of the Google search algorithm.

Google has only somewhat alluded to an outlook without using links in their algorithm. It’s totally a misconception that Penguin update of 2012 has adversely affected the links which is just a kind of misconception. Actually the reality is that Google cannot rely on the content of websites and know for sure if it is relevant or authorised. And to know whether the content is relevant or not, it has to rely on the social signals and interactions from the visitors.

The recent study says that online SEO is still relevant and their effectiveness is still increasing. The techniques used by most of the SEO companies include old traditional methods like link building techniques. If your website has a proper amount of authority then you can shape your process in a better way. Authority is determined by all the offline measures. It becomes very important to estimate the real authority of your content as anyone can say that their content is real. Goggle takes the measure to differentiate between such things by looking to outlook signals.

If you’re still trusting on old link-building techniques, it’s totally wasteful. If you’ve rationalized and taken on the harder task of link-earning, you’re probably going in the right direction.