SEO Audit – An Imperative Step!


Everywhere in the digital word we hear an abbreviation – SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization. While search engine optimization is important to market the businesses digitally through their web presence, it is equally imperative to run an SEO audit which establishes the required SEO strategy. There are diverse strategies that digital marketing experts put together for SEO after analyzing the health of the website. This thorough analysis of the website is called SEO audit in the digital world. It is a process of evaluating the search engine friendliness of the website in various aspects, through various tools. It is always recommended for the businesses to hire a competent and resourceful digital marketing company offering website SEO audit services, to have an effectual audit and to deploy most suitable SEO strategies.

The prime objective of the SEO is to index and position the website for the major search engine crawlers like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The process pushes the website ranking up and makes it appear in the top search engine ranking pages (SERPs) whenever a user makes a search query.

SEO audit is also important because it helps to identify which out of two most essential SEO processes would work more effectively for the website; which are On-Page and Off-Page SEO. While On-page SEO deals with Meta Tag, Meta Description, ALT Tag, etc., the Off-page SEO includes Back-link creation, Article, Blog, & Press Release submission, bookmarking, and forum submission.

Largely, SEO audit comprises of following steps which can also be called the SEO audit checklist:

• Introduction
• Technical Audit
• Website Speed
• On-Page Audit
• Off-Page Audit

How are website SEO audit services introduced or initiated?

Google brought a wide range of best SEO audit tools for the businesses to self-audit their websites, yet, not all of them are available freely. It, therefore, becomes important to approach an SEO audit company for trustworthy processes and results thereof. The company experts would know how and where to apply specific audit methods which are not applicable through online audit tools.

First and foremost, the web design is checked for the SEO compliances. If the website doesn’t comply with SEO needs, a web redesign is suggested. The experts conducting the audit make sure that the overall performance of the website on the search engines is checked thoroughly. If the website is SEO friendly, the chances of positioning it in the top search engine ranking are escalated manifolds, resulting in high web traffic, and thus earning high revenues.

Technical Audit is the Most Important Part of SEO Audit Checklist

It is the foundation of the website which is being prepared for search engine optimization. This check ensures how search engine crawlers crawl the website as well as index the content placed on the site. The very core purpose of the technical audit is to identify the actions and implements required to enhance the website accessibility by robots and search engines. Imprints are left on the site and indexation is done to make the necessary changes like DNS setting, removing server errors, Robots.txt validation, handling 404 errors, site security, HTML validation, Indexation, Structured Data, XML Sitemap, and Canonical Header & Malware Scan which again are the imperatives of SEO Audit checklist.

Website Speed needs a Check Too
Next important element to be checked is the aped of the website for a useful SEO. If the speed of the site is slow for any given reasons, it needs to be improved. Improvement in speed results in a better impact on the website visitors, the ability of the website to index and ROC too.

On-page SEO Audit is Crucial

A good SEO company would always know how to make the best use of on-page SEO audit and to ensure absolute placement of unique content optimized with right keywords. Exclusive, informative and grammatically flawless content is inarguably considered as the backbone of SEO strategies. Without this tool, the website may get hidden from search engine crawlers. Thus, all important on-page SEO compliances are checked during the SEO audit namely, URL relevance, presence of keywords, unnecessary symbols and numbers, concise content, appropriate usage of grammar and spacing, impressive main page content, relevant keywords for the targeted audience with healthy frequency, H1 and H2 headings with keywords, acceptable ratio of images with text and fair presentation of the pages.

Off-page SEO Audit is Another Best SEO Audit Tool

This is an elementary part of SEO strategy and a robust element which is all about back-links. The foremost demands of off-page are escalated data synthesis, informed opinion and information based on website experience in all sections. The company providing website SEO audit services must have a team of auditors who can put a thorough research on the back-links of the website on other web pages and social media platforms. There are several tools for this analysis which provide all the inside detail of the back-links driving the web traffic. Graphs, data, charts and images also help to make an effective back-link analysis. Website link’s referrals and other downloadable data from Google search also determine the incoming search traffic. In addition, Google search analytics bring forward an insight report on web traffic source which in turn proves to be a great website audit tool, helping to establish the actions required for the inbound link of each web page. These links could be anything from a redirect, to follow or no-follow.


Just having a website doesn’t ensure brand recognition; businesses need to understand the importance of SEO and SEO audit to crack the cut-throat market competition and make a unique identification. Even a good SEO strategy can fall apart in the absence of a meticulous SEO audit, which reflects how the SEO practices being implemented are performing and makes the business website to generate a higher conversion rate.

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