Why SEO Audit is important?

SEO audit needs to be performed regularly in order for long-term success of your site’s performance.If your site isn’t attracting your customers, then your site might not exist. But before you ask your designer for a refund, you need to figure out what exactly it is not performing so well. An SEO Audit will tell you how well your website is optimized within the search engines. It will fix all the possible problems that are holding your site back, and deliver you the maximum results. The basis of an SEO Audit is to develop a detailed hint of exactly what is working on throughout your site. Many of the companies offer clients an SEO, without ever running an Audit. In order for your SEO campaign to have long-term success, For the long-term success of your business (through online) or site, running an SEO Audit is very essential to see exactly how to make sure your SEO operation is successful in both the short and long term.

Back links

Good quality of back links provides better search engine, but bad quality of back links is not only a waste of time but also it won’t provide you a desirable result.

Crawl your website – A Crawling your site is very important, as it will tell you that your site have sections that are not accessible to search engines. To accomplish a crawl of your site, you required a tool and the best tool that is available easily is Search Engine Spider Simulator tool. It’s a forthright tool that tells you what can be index able and what not.

Reason: why you need to perform SEO Audits

Search engines Algorithm-Search engines are regularly updating their algorithms to deliver enhanced search results, and you need to be aware of these modifications so you can make changes to your sites content accordingly.

Site Error- It is essential to ensure your website does not have any broken links or error messages. Executing the audit will uncover the errors, so that you can redirect them and able to recover lost traffic.

Meta tags and descriptions- Title tags and Meta descriptions are the very first thing your potential customers will read about you when you show up in search results. It is essential that they be pertinent to the content of the website.

Website guidelines- Famous webmaster tools from Yahoo! And Google are frequently altering, so you need to make sure you are compliant.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit is a complex process but yet it plays a paramount role in attaining your website rank on the top. It starts with a varied analysis, followed by a detailed assessment, and a final prioritization of SEO audit process. Spending lot of money on your SEO even does not guarantee the success; there are some points (technical and non-technical) you need to look out at.

Below is the to-do-list for auditing the SEO-

A Site URL’s- Site URL is extremely important to both user and search engines. Poor URL may stop crawlers to search, thus result in poor ranking. A bad URL structure can effects rankings, prevent pages from being indexed on search engines.

Content – Putting unique and original Content is the best approach to optimize your website. The content has to be impressive, both in quality and scope. If your content is not original or good enough to attract good and natural links, then it doesn’t matter how optimized your content is.

Internal linking- Internal link is a link from one page on a website to another page on that same website. Internal links are important to both visitors to your site and to search engines. As both visitors and search engines will forage your site using the same internal links, you need to find the correct stability between creating internal links for visitors and creating them for search engines.

Image and ALT texts- Alt text is a useful code for visually impaired users, code compliance, every image must have an ALT tag. Alt tag is a HTML code that describes an image on a web page so that the user still recognize what the image denotes if they are visually impaired or if the picture simply doesn’t display correctly.
Image file name should contain descriptive words, not numbers and also include the optimized keywords (if an image is used as a link).

No follow tag – No Follow tags should be used on blog comments, external links, and on any internal links. No follow instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. Sample example-

Duplicate content
The problem which every search engines is facing today is ‘Duplicate content’, although they do have their own bots for searching content, but still it’s not useful for search engines to find duplicate content. Google webmaster tools of google are still ranks top for finding duplicate contents in your website.

Broken links– Broken links can cause a serious SEO problem for a website. If crawlers start searching and found any broken links, then crawlers immediately leave the site. If search engines encounters too many broken links on a site, then it consider as poor user experience which cause a reduced in ranking the page. However, broken links can’t be fixed or avoided but they can be easily fixed with a 301 redirect.

Page load speed– The ideal time for any site loading time is three to four second. If it’s taking more time, then it seems problem to both user and visitors, as visitors don’t love to wait.The Page load speed impacts site user satisfaction, site usability and conversion rates.

Final thought- Auditing SEO for your site is the best method to gain your desired customers. Auditing your site also provide Google page speed, which is a strong ranking signal. SEO auditing not only benefits your site in optimizing but also keeps you ahead from the competitors.

Technical Audit

Technical SEO Audit aids you in achieving the depth presence in the search engines and digital universe. Your website is the best place to start your journey in the internet realm and if your site doesn’t get noticed by your desired user, your journey is over the moment it has started. It’s very important to perform technical SEO Audit of your site. Get your site in order first on the result of search engines. We offer a variety of audit, helps in achieving your desired clients. A Technical SEO Audit is an extremely essential step within any incessant SEO plan to guarantee the site is in a virtuous position to build upon. Our Technical SEO Audit procedure is very exhaustive and is designed to analyse all technical features of the site. This helps to recognize any problems that may be stopping search engines from indexing your site.

During our technical SEO Audits, we cover the following outlines. This is just a few areas we cover as part of the technical SEO Audits. This will give you a little knowledge of the level of detailed working and what you’ll get at the end of the project.

  • Page load time
  • Search engines indexing issues
  • 301 redirects
  • XML Site map
  • Server response code
  • Indexation
  • Duplicate contents
  • Robots meta tag
  • URL Structure
  • Internal linking
  • Site speed
  • Indexing and crawl problems
  • W3C Validation
  • Images

Our Technical SEO audit is the important stage to making your site work as per desired by you. By serving you better comprehend your user’s search and rank for target keywords in organic search results. During the SEO audit process, our SEO audit experts will evaluate your website for specific problems and identity possibilities to gain rankings and drive traffic from search. We will not only focus on content optimizations and targeted keywords but also review your website to find any technical concerns that may be hindering search engines from utterly indexing. The technical audits that we execute inspect the health of your website, provide a strong presence in the online, help you achieve expected ranking in search engines and therefore traffic. We will adapt to your requests and maximize the influence in positioning.

An SEO audit is not intact without a deep analysis of your site’s technical practices. We perform a variety of the best SEO, analytic, and auditing tools to peruse at how your website directs things like 404s, JavaScript’s, redirects, and more to guarantee everything follows in accordance with guidelines set by W3C Standards. We also take care of the traditional SEO practice such as meta tags, meta description and other off-page and on-page factors to ensure the overall success of your website ranking.

We will deliver a technical SEO audit document that summaries the potential issues degrading your website and will rectify your site’s search engine status and save your SEO. Need to know why your site not ranking well in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing. Do contact us. We’re here to serve you for a better ranking of your site.

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