Some common myths about Content Marketing


Content Marketing plays a very important part in the present scenario. If you understand the concept of content marketing properly then you will also be able to understand that people normally have many misconceptions regarding content marketing strategies. Infact there are many myths that have been developed due to lack of knowledge of people. Meanwhile many marketers especially those belonging from SEO background start focusing more on contents but forget to pay attention of content marketing which is a much wider concept including human creativity, business insight and branding.

The common myths which commonly includes in the content marketing industry are as follows:

Myth 1: Content is the King of SEO ~ Reality: Audience is the real king

The main motive of the marketers is to drive consumer’s attention through their creative content. Therefore many marketers regard content as being the king. But the reality is quite far as the success of content marketing efforts depends on how the readers response and take actions beyond likes in the sales and customer service. The key factor is how you match your contents with audience demand. Content marketing is just not about deriving likes but it also should drive users to an outcome!

Myth 2: Content Marketing Best Practice Makes Perfect ~ Reality: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The only technique to build a perfect content marketing plan is by combining competent research with expert advice, and then attaching and comparing it with your internal plans. Therefore building up your own plans and tactics will make your business perfect and there is no such definite term like a perfect content marketing plan.

Myth 3: A Culture of Content is Key to Scale  ~ Reality: Company Culture is Key to Scale

Content culture is the key to success and solves real issues of scale, quality, and measurement. However, content marketing has a widerconcept beyond just marketing.A clear company culture of content brings into line your whole organization, as well as all organizational goals. And therefore a perfect culture of the company is the real key to scale!

Myth 4: Creating more number of contents gets maximum result ~ Reality: Creating targeted and quality contents is more effective

In the present scenario, quality of the content matters more than the quantity of the content. If the content marketing is done for targeted and quality contents then it will be surely more fruitful then creating countless untargeted contents.

Myth 5: Success is measured on the basis of social shares or traffic ~ Reality: Social shares and traffic are just the part of Content Performance Success

True business effects of content performance come in many forms and include all areas related to extensive business and performance goals, not just traffic and shares.