What Are Digital Marketing Trends in 2018?


Digital Marketing landscape is under major shift, leveraging on the technological advancements in the industry. It is encompassing SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing and spreading its wings towards newer trends. Businesses looking for higher web ranks cannot afford to ignore these trends. It is the time to embrace artificial intelligence, visual search, and much more. It is the time to give way to newest top digital marketing trends 2018.

A hoard of digital marketing trends and strategies has evolved in the recent times. The current high-tech era has facilitated advancements that were not thinkable a few years ago. These trends that have emerged to give digital marketing a new face altogether, cannot be overlooked by the businesses. Here are top digital marketing trends 2018 that you need to be aware of to take best benefits from them.

Artificial Intelligence – To Analyze Consumer Behavior

One of the most effective and recently emerging digital marketing trends, AI is topping the charts. The backbone of AI is its ability to understand consumer behaviour, search patterns, and utilizing the gathered data to boost the digital marketing initiatives of the business. For instance, AI tools evaluate the consumer engagement on social media platforms and blog pages to understand their behaviour towards products and services, thus, bringing in the clear charts for further course of action in digital marketing activities. It is said that by 2020, 85% of consumer interactions will be managed by AI tools only. Enterprises that are adopting AI for online marketing are able to save costs towards growth acceleration and they also have a visible edge on their competitors.

Programmatic Advertising – Automation of Ad Purchases

When it comes to digital marketing channels 2018, programmatic advertising is making a huge flag-raise. The tool is efficiently being used to target precise audience and increasing the success rate of marketing campaigns manifolds. The recent reports reflected that 84% of digital display ads will be programmatic by the end of 2019.

Chatbots – Real-Time Chat and Instant Responses

Chatbots are leading the digital marketing trends 2018. Simply for the reason that they are replacing human efforts while being empowered by AI technology for instant messaging and real-time responses. Customers or site-visitors are able to invest their trust, which elevates the business for sure. Chatbots are equipped with the ability to meet the growing demands of consumers by offering instant connectivity, seamless communications, outstanding customer service and immediate resolutions. Researchers say that chatbots are going to help banking and healthcare businesses enormously and will become the go-to platform for all consumers.

Personalized Content – Unique Experience for Consumers

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 are incomplete without the mention of personalization of content being placed all over the web presence of the business. This is a major facet of digital branding and is definitely going to pronounce itself in the year 2018, and that too, to the customers’ delight. Meaningful, unique, engaging and customized text and videos render a highly personal and unique experience to viewers across the web. Needless to say, it binds them to the products and services offered by the business. Data facilitator tools that tap the consumer behaviour through purchase history, clicked links, and visited pages are the backbone to content customization giving a quick boost ROI. More than 75% of digital marketers today emphasize on customized content for better user engagement.

Voice Based Search – Transition from Typing to Voice

Anything that saves time and effort becomes searchers’ first choice. More and more users are trying to avoid time invested in typing and they are bending towards voice commands for Google searches. Digital marketing channels 2018 saw a big change with the launch of Home – Google’s voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant, in the year 2017. This assistant is now available on more than 400 million devices across the fabric of Google home, Android phones, iPhones, Smart TVs and smartwatches. It is predicted that by 2020, 50% of the searches will be voice searches and 30% would be done without a screen. By 2019, the voice recognition market is expected to grow over $601 million industry. It is about time the businesses start capitalizing on the power of voice search and make it an important component of their digital marketing initiatives.

There is more to top digital marketing trends 2018 and the identifying the newer digital marketing channels 2018 that are bringing a visible change to consumer behaviours and results thereof. Mostech is happy to bring more insights; let us connect and discuss your digital marketing needs.