What Are the Upcoming Custom Software Development Trends?


This emerging digital world is all about tech-savviness and latest tools to fuel the same. Customized Software Solutions Trends are one of those crucial components which are bringing a promising drift in the prevailing digital set-up, especially for the organizations offering custom software services. A wide range of advanced technological solutions is making space in the design and development segment and a lot more are in the pipeline.

The ongoing year saw some real breakthroughs in the custom software development area with a spreading emergence of technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and mobile computing. While the technologies offer newer horizons for any custom software development company; they also make sure that the customers are getting the best software solutions ever.

So what’s new when we talk about custom software developments services in India?

Chatbots – Ease of Communication
Chatbots are creating a huge demand for themselves in the custom software industry. This technology helping the Indian developers to make highly custom friendly bots, facilitating bespoke communication with a human touch. Chatbots are proving themselves to be one of the fastest and easiest solution packets for developing and maintaining sophisticated communication tools for businesses across the industry spectrum. More and more organizations are asking for custom software solutions with impressive in-built chatbots to address customer address processes as well as data collection functions. This trend will definitely see a rise in the coming times in the sphere of custom software solutions.

PAAS Solutions – The Cloud Requisite
One major support that the entire mobile workforce needs are a highly effective cloud service. This also needs a fluid internet connection to access the respective work being stored on the cloud. This is the latest technological advancement in the digital development industry which in turn is posing demand for PAAS solutions as custom software development trends. PAAS are and will further prove to be the key controllers when it comes to AI based predictive analysis technology, which is ruling the development trends these days.

Google Go – Enabling Integration with Google
Another emergence in customized software solutions is the introduction of Google Go – the programming language introduced by Google. This helps the software programmers to develop in Google’s own app engine for the core purpose of cloud-based development. It is attracting the Indian custom software developers big time and will keep doing so in future for the reason it is similar to C language, hence, provides the ease of programming but takes the benefits offered by multicore programming to another level altogether.

Outsourcing of Custom Software Development Solutions
More and more organizations are looking to outsource their software development to more competent agencies located overseas and equipped with latest technologies and bandwidth. This will bring a huge leverage to custom software development services in India as India is one of the leading nations offering advanced communication tools such as video conferencing facilities and a multitude of software testing options. These facilitate seamless coordination and uninterrupted customer service with faster communication with the customers across the globe.

With rising demand, there is a definite need to adopt the latest custom software solutions trends enabling the development companies to focus on growth. This also ensures that internal development processes are progressing in a clear and defined manner. XaaS, serverless architecture, microservices, and containers are few of the latest technologies that businesses need to take leverage upon.