SEO Audit Services


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Importance of performing SEO Audit:

  • Conducting an SEO audit will disclose all the current errors, helping you to fix them and restore missed traffic.
  • Helps to find out the current market trends around the brands.
  • SEO audit is the method of assessing any website’s web presence, that aligns to best practice, as the primary step in developing an action strategy with meaningful outcomes.
  • The SEO audit will expose Technical SEO issues like Issues in website structure. Plus many other SEO issues like ON PAGE, OFF PAGE, etc.
  • The aim of the SEO audit is, to provide website owners with a comprehensive and thorough review of the sites’ performance and speed with a list of suggestions to make it better.   

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    These are some of the steps that are followed while doing an SEO Audit:

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    • Check for Technical Status:  It is the method to determine the web presence corresponding to best practice-it is the initial step in developing an action strategy with meaningful outcomes. The SEO audit will disclose the following: Technological SEO problems. Concerns in website structure including on-page  Problems
    • Checks for search visibility: The Search Visibility score can be defined as the number of clicks, one will earn depending upon organic ranks, through the keywords tracked.
    • Manual checks for Basic on-page SEO: On-page SEO is the process of improving particular web pages o improve the ranking which drives more significant traffic from search engines. On-page corresponds to both the text plus the HTML source code of the page that can be modified, in contrast, o the off-page SEO, which applies to connections as well as other external media.
    • Keywords Research: Keyword analysis is a technical search engine analysis specialist use to identify,  the query words that people type, on the search engines while searching for items, utilities, basic facts.
    • Organic search traffic analysis: Analytics divides traffic that comes at the website from a web browser, from the traffic that comes via other distribution sources, such as paid advertising, other sites, etc.
    • Analysis of backlinks (extremely essential): Backlink research tells all the connections that can take you to, your accounts and offers a deeper idea of the project’s potential to perform high in search engine rankings. Backlink review also lets you find the incorrect links.
    • Content audit & assessment of the content gap: The content gap analysis is the method of analyzing and determining the web content required to bridge the shortfall within the existing stage and the expected. The content analysis is the only approach to truly evaluate the content of the website.
    • Competitor research: The competition analysis, is a technique of analyzing the businesses, products, and advertising tactics of the rivals. To have the research genuinely effective, it is necessary to choose the best competitor’s to study it. Recognizing the facets of the market of the rivals are essential to examine

    Tools used for SEO Audit

    1. Google Analytics: –
    2. Google Search Console:-
    3. Google Keywords Planner: –
    4. SEMRush
    5. Screaming Frog
    6. Ahref
    7. Similar Web
    8. Moz

    Key Benefits of Performing an SEO Audit

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    • Improve the website’s performance
    • Find out the best and trending keywords, that are ranking
    • Develop the understanding of the keywords that are bringing in traffic and get converting leads
    • Get the specific current status concerning the progress.
    • Get a competitor’s key points and the loopholes.