Few things you should know about Chatbots


The e-commerce industry is growing at a rate that is hard to comprehend. Every day more and more companies are being launched, making this industry aggressively competitive. The only way to survive in this cut-throat market is to offer better and more effective services. The customers want to avail their favourite products easily and effectively. And that is what you need to do. This is where AI comes in.  It is performing miracles in attracting the customers, keeping them captivated, and giving them exactly what they want.  AI or Artificial Intelligence is slowly and steadily changing the face of the e-commerce industry.

One of the most common and effective forms of AI are chatbots. A chatbot, basically, is a software that is designed to stimulate human conversations with the customers. They can interact with the customers, give their valid suggestions, handle the purchase order, provide necessary notifications, manage your internet store, and much more. Chatbots are not only enhancing the customer experience but also simplifying the management issues that e-commerce companies face. As they can interact with multiple users at a time, the companies can engage more and more customers which worrying about their workforce.

How chatbots are impacting the e-com industry

Enhanced customer service– Chatbots have completely revolutionized the customer service in the e-commerce industry. Before chatbots, customer service was a big issue among online stores. For example, a customer might want to talk in a particular language that the team doesn’t know. Or someone needs help while buying something from your website at 2 am and there is no one to help them. Chatbot solves all these issues and more. As they are AI software, they can adapt to any language, time, place, and situation. They are always available and ready with the needed information. They can even offer product recommendations while availing customer support.

Increased revenue– Chatbots play a significant role in turning leads into revenue. They can read and analyse a customer’s purchasing pattern and influence their decision. Chatbots can offer leads to products the customer might be interested in and convince them to buy the product. They might even propose personalised bonuses or promotional codes that might interest the customer thereby elevating your sales.

Strengthen your marketing game– AI and chatbots can substantially strengthen your marketing game. The chatbot claims can be used to personalize ads, customize offers, and attract more potential customers. You can customize the ads to be whatever your customers want it to be. The user data will not only help you satisfy your existing customers but reel in new ones too.

How to integrate chatbot on your Facebook page?

Whether you want to integrate chatbot on your Facebook page or your official website, you will need some basic skills. Websites are a little more complicated and will require assistance from a professional. Platforms like Facebook Messenger make the process comparatively easy. You can easily create your bot on Messenger and launch it to the public. The platform offers a design kit for UI prototyping with numerous drag-and-drop elements.  Although, you will require a basic to advanced level coding skills. As Messenger is free to use, you are saved from dealing with its financial aspect. If you have trouble handling it still, make sure you get help from professionals.



Despite being mere robots, chatbots have made the industry more approachable and effective. It has not only solved a plethora of business problems but offered some major conversions too. The industry is changing and chatbots are the future.

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