How to Choose the Best Website Host Service?


So your website is done and it looks quite impressive! Right! Now, who is hosting your website? Have you decided yet, or you are clueless about it? Well, we aren’t surprised if you are clueless and have given the charge to your web development company. But your web development company must also support you with the best host services. That is why it is important for the web developers to be equipped with a database of web hosting websites, and to be able to make a sound choice when it comes to choosing the best and reliable one. A good web hosting company ensures that your website is up and running and secure all the time.

A responsive website is the need of every business. Well placed content takes the website a few notches up. But, with everything great going about it, if the website is not put on a dependable host, all the effort goes to waste. Trying to save a few bucks and choosing a bad host will produce disasters for your website and your business too. Moreover, on an average, more than 30,000 websites are hacked every other day, even biggest reputed brands have suffered hack demon owing to a non-reliable web host. Another disaster occurs when your website is down and the page becomes unavailable. This in clear sense comes across as closing down your shop temporarily which means a direct loss of revenue and stained business credibility. Websites are the tools to allow customers to shop 24 hours a day. This doesn’t happen if your website is inaccessible. In August 2013, Amazon lost $66,240 per minute when the website went down for more than 30 minutes. If you are putting your trust in a bad web host, then you are not far from these fatal occurrences.

Hence, choosing the right web host is a must for all business owners.

How to do that? Let us answer it for you.

Understand what kind of host you need. There are many web hosting websites that you can research about and find their credibility in the market. Also, you need to understand your hosting needs to help you narrow down your search. If your website is equipped with a lot of video blogs, visitor logins and visitor’s upload features, then you would need a strong host that can support regular streaming. If your website takes a lot of daily traffic, then it cannot survive on a shared server. If you have a small static or dynamic website, you can avail a basic host server.

• Choose a good host package for your website if you are looking for uninterrupted website visibility. A cheaper host may seem tempting at the time of buying, but they pose a potential risk to your online business. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) may come across as expensive but it a foolproof way to hosting your website and keeping it fast with quality web performance for excellent user experiences.

• While going through web hosting websites and searching for the right one, make sure you read the customer reviews and choose the one which is reliable and holds a good reputation with existing customers. Google reviews help to make a choice. If the third party testimonies are all about complaints related to hosting issues, it is a sign that you need that host service.

• The right amount of bandwidth is the key to a seamless hosting and incessant website display. Do not go to the highest limit of bandwidth, but a reasonable one and keep upgrading as your website’s needs increase with more elements being added to it. You have to ensure that you are not locked into a non-upgradable package by your web hosting website or company.

• One of the most crucial factors to check while choosing the right web host is to look into the customer support being provided by the company. There should be a quick and easy way to get in touch with them, without wasting several hours before getting a remedy to your issue. Test the company for all the offerings before you buy their host service.

• Make sure your web hosting website offers you a backup plan in case of unavoidable failures. It should be a part of your package and you must know how to activate it or access it as soon as you encounter a drop in the hosting service. If they fail to offer a trustworthy backup plan, you back off!

• Do not go for new hosting companies that do not have much server space or bandwidth to afford the incremental growth on your website. Many new players in the market fail because they are able to handle the influx of new clients coming in. Rather, choose a seasoned one with ample space to absorb you in.

Choosing the right web host is an exercise that needs time and effort. You need to make sure you put your research on a good number of web hosting websites before you close the right one.